American Legion Post 350 Band



The American Legion Post 350 Band has been playing since 1955 to support the American Legion as well as the community in general.  The band plays for all types of patriotic events, such as Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day and the 4th of July, of course.  We are honored to perform at the American Legion State Convention each June, opening the meetings, and performing a concert on Saturday night to entertain the veterans.  We have been asked to play for various events in Gretna by the Mayor and we are always glad to help out.  We even play for different retirement homes or veterans homes to support those who have given so much.

Since our charter in 1955 the American Legion Post 350 Band has been welcoming musicians from the community to come out and play.  Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel as well as civilians to join.  The band is made up of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, surgeons, nurses and just about every other profession you could imagine.  Joining our band enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families and it is our privilege to do so. 


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To the wonderful patriotic citizens of the Metairie community, join our Band as a Booster or Sponsor. (click Sponsor or Booster Button for details). We are incorporated and registered with the Secretary of State for Louisiana. 100% of the monies raised are used to support the band, which in turn, supports the community. Help us to continue to support the American Legion, as well as other community programs and projects.


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